The First Wedding I Photographed

My journey from Chicago to Phoenix couldn’t have happened without a pitstop in Nashville. And, luckily for me, there I met the most beautiful and endearing woman: Amber. Little did I know this friendship would lead me down my photography career to the first wedding I ever photographed.

How we met

I was a new girl in town at my Tennessee apartment’s block of mailbox when I noticed a familiar sight, an Illinois license plate. My eyes perked up and I exhaled to (my then boyfriend, now husband) Angelo, “Oh my gosh! An Illinois plate! I wonder if they’re from Chicago! I wonder if it is someone my age! Oh my gosh, look it is a girl who looks our age! Should I say hi? I don’t want to embarrass myself. Maybe I should wait until I see her again. No, I am going to say hi!”

Beautiful bride in timeless wedding dress on wedding day photographed in a garden Bride with bouquet up to face smelling roses on her wedding day.

So, in anxiousness, I went to the mailbox and introduced myself. Sure enough, she was the sweetest person I had ever met. Beaming with joy and a smile from ear to ear. From that moment on, we were fast friends. Amber and I spent our days bringing our pups to the park and using our spare cash to try the new trendy restaurants—always saying yes to dessert.

How I photographed my first wedding

As time passed, so did our relationship statuses. Soon enough, in 2013, Amber was engaged to her amazing fiancé, Nate, and in search of a photographer. Knowing I had always wanted to use my passion for photography for weddings, Amber graciously offered for me to shoot her wedding.

I was thrilled at the opportunity, but terrified at the chance of letting one of my dearest friends down. Amber on the other hand, had all of the faith in the world in me.

Bide and Groom locking sight of each other

Photographing the wedding day

The day came, and it couldn’t have been any more beautiful. The weather, the food, the desserts, the dress, the groom, and of course, the bride. If I am being honest, I am surprised I was even able to see that day because it spent most of it with tears of joy in my eyes. After the wedding ceremony, we went to downtown Franklin, TN to photograph more wedding photos of the beautiful bride and groom.

The timeless bride and groom

Amber and Nate walked straight out of a vintage Vogue onto their wedding day and we captured the most beautiful moments. I was so proud I was able to deliver these memories to Amber and her family.

 Bride and groom during their first dance on wedding day newly weds holding hands, close up with bouquet Bride and groom during their first dance on wedding day

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it's a match
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