Rainy Fairytale Inspired Wedding in Nashville, Tennessee

It’s not that often that you get to photograph a wedding where you’d be surrounded by people you love. So, when Olivia and Christian reached out to me, I jumped at the opportunity. Her and her family made me feel like family—always. And trust me, this rainy, fairytale inspired wedding in Nashville, Tennessee did not disappoint!

The rehearsal dinner

I came to Nashville early to spend time with Olivia, Christian, and their family and had the best time at their rehearsal dinner—I mean, tequila shots and a taco truck were involved! How could you not have fun?! There we caught up and talked about all the handmade DIY fairytale inspired details her and her family had been working on for moths.

Wide angle capture of Olivia in front of food truck at rehearsal dinner Taco food truck at rehearsal dinner

I had always known Olivia from my time in Nashville, however, it wasn’t until getting ready for their big day, that I learned Christian and his family were from Phoenix; this made me feel even more at home. Completely surrounded by loved ones from two places where my heart resides.

The perfect fairytale details

Their wedding day was truly a reflection of themselves—planned and unplanned. There has never been and never will be another like it: magical, etherial, unexpected. Every fairytale detail was absolutely perfect! Honestly, even the rain added the perfect touch!

fairytale inspired wedding details of rose in glass enclosure  fairytale inspired tablescapes

No detail in their special day was unthought of (from butterfly accents to actual butterflies)! However, while you can plan and prep every detail down to the minute, Mother Nature will do as she pleases.

While there was no rain on the radar, it still appeared and a garden reception was moved to the porch—I’ve never seen anything like it! We all gathered, standing surrounding the couple. Rain pouring, wind blowing as the two stated their vows to each other.

Groomsmen walking during rainy ceremony Front porch wedding ceremony to shield from rain

The perfect, fairytale rainy first dance

Later in the evening was no less beautiful. The sister of the bride gave a tear-worthy speech and the rain cleared just in time for a heart melting father-daughter dance under the Eddsion lights. From there, the dance floor was filled and we danced the night away. The perfect touch to the end of this rainy fairytale inspired wedding!

Rainy and fairytale inspired first dance

Special thanks to every vendor who made this day special!

Coordinator: Adriel Nutter Events; Catering: C​hef Penelope​; Cake/Desserts: ​Triple Crown Bakery; Rentals: ​Southern Events; Makeup/Hair: – Tabby Coombs; DJ: ​Entertain – Brandon; Videographer:​ James Webb; Lighting: B​right Events

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Groom Barbershop Getting Ready Details

Bride Getting Ready Details

Fairytale inspired details

Bridal Portraits

bride walking in garden bride twirling in dress in garden up close bridal portrait bride walking through greenery arches in fairytale inspired dress

Bride and Groom

The Wedding Party

Rainy Fairytale Wedding Ceremony

The Rainy Reception

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