Wedding Planning Checklist (without the BS)

Why I created the No BS Wedding Planning Checklist:

 wedding planning checklistYou’ve been engaged for all but five minutes and for some inexplicable (and scientifically impossible, but yet it’s definitely happened) reason you’ve already been asked fifty times when your date is and what all of the details are. Overwhelming? YUP! No BS here, planning it all without a wedding planning checklist is overwhelming. I can say that because I’ve done it. But would I regret it? NEVER!

Here’s the catch though: It’s going to be freaking amazing. Like, memories for a lifetime with the ones you love the most,  freaking amazing. So it is worth it? YES!

When the day is done, confetti swept, and dress (or jumpsuit, swimsuit, birthday suit—whatever you wear because it is your special day) is hung, you’ll be left with the memories and wedding photographs. So, with all of that said, this wedding planning checklist is meant to get you there alive and well with the eternal material bliss that’s waiting for you on the other side.

Prefer to print, take notes, and mark off the wedding planning checklist as you go? Download a copy here.


take away the stress and get editorial images with this wedding planning checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist for The Big Details

  • Find the love of your life: CHECK! Dang, look at you! You literally just looked this guide and you already have one thing checked off and tbh it’s like the hardest thing here.
  • Pick that date: It doesn’t have to be set in stone right now, but get an idea for a date—or three! Got some lucky numbers? Fancy the fall? Or, maybe there’s that perfect date that just works well. Tip: Some venues offer discounts for off-season dates, shop a flexible date around with a few venues to see what could work.
  • Location, location, location: Are you destined to be that beautiful desert romance? Scope out a few venues or public parks.
  • Moola, coin, dinero: Make a budget and outline who is contributing what
  • VIP Please: Decide who will be in your wedding party.
  • Call in the experts: Start to gather your dream team of experts: florist, stylist, planner, photographer, caterer, musician. You can use tools like The Knot or WeddingWire to find vendors in your area.
  • Compile a guest list: Who are all the people who mean the most that you want there for your day.
  • Lights, camera, action: Get engagement photos done. Trust me, you’ll want them. You’re too beautiful to past this up. Plus, these will come in handy later for save the dates and other details. Still looking for a photographer? Let’s get in touch. Even if we’re not meant to be, maybe I can help point you in the right direction.


plan now, enjoy later with this wedding planning checklist plan now, enjoy later with this wedding planning checklist plan now, enjoy later with this wedding planning checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist for 10-12 Months Out

  • Finalize Guest List: Make the final cut of who will be invited and consider who will actually show. This will give you an idea of how much you’ll need of everything else.
  • Reserve the locale: Book your venue to make sure you save your spot. This is a good time to finalize contracts with other vendors too!
  • Make it web official: Consider putting together a website or facebook page for your guests to reference your wedding details. There, guests can share hotels and itineraries too!
  • Save the date: It’s a big beautiful world and traveling might be needed, try to give guest time they need to save up and make travel arrangements. Consider keeping it digital with a fun gif filled email save the date. Good for your bottom line and Mother Nature. P.S. this is where those engagement photos and a creative photographer who provide beautiful images gifs come in handy.
  • Gift, please: Register online for your gifts. If you and your loved one have been shacked up for a bit and don’t need the extra clutter, consider a honeymoon fund or a charity that means a lot to the two of you.
  • Who will “I do” the two of you?: Book and officiant for the special moment. You can also consider asking a loved one to get certified for the special event.
  • Go on a date: Making all of these decisions is super stressful, make sure you’re making time for you both.


what to do one year before your wedding wedding planning checklist: what to do one year before your wedding wedding planning checklist: what to do before your wedding

Wedding Planning Checklist for Six Months Out

  • Get your look together: What will y’all wear? What kind of floral arrangements do you want? What will you DIY? Don’t forget about those wedding bands. Consider a unique set or a matching tattoo?! You do you boo.
  • What’s on the menu?: Finalize your food and desserts…. Mmmmm food. I’ll stop here before I start snacking on a bag of jalapeño kettle chips.
  • May I have this seat?: If you need to order rentals for things like chairs, tables, and lighting, now’s a good time.
  • Oder Invites and thank you cards: When the day is done you’ll be super happy you ordered these together and that you don’t have to rush to gather them post-ceremony. Make sure to save your invite list for your thank you’s.


wedding planning checklist: what to do six months before your wedding wedding planning checklist: what to do six months before your wedding wedding planning checklist: what to do six months before your wedding

Wedding Planning Checklist for Four Months Out

  • Get a room: Seriously, get a room. You’re going to want your own private oasis on your wedding night.
  • Your Honeymoon Awaits: While your at it, book your honeymoon. Paris? Hawaii? Staycation? Whatever it is, you’ll be happy to have a few days alone together to ride that wedding high.
  • Can we go over that again?: Decide if you want a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. If so, put the pieces together now to make sure all the necessary people can be there.
  • She said what?: Start to finalize you’ll want read during your ceremony, your vows, and who’ll be giving toasts at your reception. This will allow for enough time so your sister doesn’t have to stress over what she’ll say… I know mine did!
  • Breathe: Yep, you read that right. Breathe. You’re less than half a year away and your day will be here sooner than you know it. You’ve done like a lot off stuff, a lot of stuff.



wedding planning checklist: what to do four months before your wedding

Wedding Planning Checklist for Three Months Out

  • It’s mine!: Order anything you’re not renting: champagne flutes, cake cutting set, vow books, guestbook, etc.
  • It’s 5 o’clock somewhere: Finalize your timeline and distribute to vendors. (Don’t forget to add an hour for your sister who is always late)
  • Have your cake and eat it too: Finalize your menu and order your cake, or donuts, or Reece’s
  • Friendly reminder!: Remind bridal party to order their outfits and finalize alterations, because sometimes people forget. *shrug*
  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Send out those invites and figure out how you’re going to catalog the responses. This will come in handy when you’re texting your Aunt Janet (who is actually your mom’s bff but you call her an aunt because you’re that close) since she “lives by the wind” and you actually aren’t sure what her real address is.

what to plan for you wedding three months before



Wedding Planning Checklist for Two Months Out

  • What was the plan again?: Finalize (for real this time) all those details you set out in some cases nearly a year ago on: vows, ceremony details with officiant, etc.
  • We’re all family now: Figure out if you want seating arrangements, and if so, get ‘em going.
  • Nearly official: Apply for a marriage license. Every state is different so check with yours to make sure there’s not some obscure law from 1890 that you randomly need to follow.
  • Go on a date: It is probably (definitely) super stressful at the moment. So go on a date. Make it cute and wild and fun and creative and filled with all the love.



planning for your wedding? here's the wedding planning checklist you need planning for your wedding? here's the wedding planning checklist you need planning for your wedding? here's the wedding planning checklist you need



Wedding Planning Checklist 1 Month Out

  • Out of Office: I know this seems dumb to point out, but make sure you requested time off at work.
  • Double check: Regroup with vendors and make sure everything is going as planned and that all deposits are made.
  • Pick it up: Grab all those important details you ordered a bit ago aka your wedding bands and marriage license. Don’t forget to also finalize those DIY projects.



Wedding Planning Checklist for Two Weeks Out

  • Don’t get left on ‘read’: Text anyone else who still hasn’t RSVP’d to see if they’re coming. Relay the final count to your vendors.
  • Just a trim: If you need a cut and or color before the big day, do it now so that it has time to grow in a little and look perfectly natural
  • Make final payments: Start making final payments to vendors so you don’t have to stress about it when you’re in full wedding mode




Wedding Planning Checklist for One Day Out

  • Drink water: Simple, but often forgotten
  • Delegate: You’re within the window of time of your wedding day where people basically have to do what you say. So relax and delegate those annoying tasks. It’s also a good time to remind anyone of special tasks on the day of what they’re doing, where to be, and when.
  • Sleep: ‘Nough said.



Wedding Planning Checklist for The Day Of

  • The most important meal: Eat your breakfast (can you hear your mom in the back of your head). Well, mom was probably right, so eat it!
  • Turn up the volume: Make sure your phone isn’t on silent. If you’ve provided your number to vendors, they’re likely to call you if they need anything. So keep your volume up (prior to ceremony) in case people need to reach out.
  • Noted: Take a moment to take photographs in your mind of your day and live in the moment!



Wedding Planning Checklist for Post-Wed

  • Take it back: Send back all the rentals
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you: Get those thank you cards out asap. You’ll be happy you did it early on.
  • Live in marital bliss: You did it and it was totally worth it! Proud of you bb!

Congrats on making it through! Want even more? Check out the rest of the blog or get in touch to book me for your special day!





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